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What You Need to Know About Lobbying Strategies: Cost, Organization Size, and Time

Lobbying strategies do not require an organization to have a large budget, to have reached a large critical mass size, or require enormous outlays of time to be effective.

When Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations looking to implement new industry programs or technology realize they will require either legislative or regulatory resources, they often assume that they do not have the budget required and/or their organization is not big enough to be “allowed” to engage in lobbying. Often these organizations attempt to engage with state for federal governments alone, only to end up frustrated by the amount of time and energy required and cynical about the likelihood of success.

Before attempting the legislative or regulatory process, organizations should take into consideration:

Cost. The cost of the legislative or regulatory process and/or lobbying depends on an organization’s needs. A government affairs consultant can not only evaluate your needs and potential costs, but can also develop a customized strategy based on your needs and timeframe. Frier Levitt Government Affairs, LLC can develop strategies to meet any organization’s needs and budget.

Organization Size. An organization does not have to reach a critical mass before you are “allowed” to engage in lobbying. Governmental agencies certainly meet with huge groups, but just as much time is spent with small and medium sized constituents.  Just because an organization is small doesn’t mean its voice will not be heard. Working with a government affairs and lobbying company that not only has connections but also an extensive knowledge base can benefit any size organization.

Frier Levitt Government Affairs, LLC works in connection with Frier Levitt, LLC, a boutique healthcare firm with over 30 healthcare and life sciences attorneys, including many industry thought leaders. This allows Frier Government Affairs to help draft and lobby legislation and provide tools to make sure that your bill is properly transitioned from legislative to regulatory.

Time. Frier Levitt Government Affairs, LLC has well-established processes built on transparency and clear communication to assure your strategy is executed in the required timeframe. This includes building your strategy around anticipated deadlines, anticipating possible roadblocks and realistic advice to allow your organization to more freely understand how to use monetary resources effectively and make lobbying easy and efficient.

Frier Levitt Government Affairs offers lobbying strategies for organizations and budgets of all sizes. In addition to our experience in working with several state governments, we have experience dealing with Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, PBM reform, patient protections, opioids and other controlled substances issues, as well as 340B. Contact us today for help getting your organization through legislative or regulatory process.