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The Importance of White Papers in the Life Sciences and Pharmacy Industries

More and more, white papers are being utilized by the life sciences and pharmacy industries to inspire governmental, agency, and even judicial action. White papers serve as an authoritative instrument that informs readers and helps to conceptualize a complicated issue in a more efficient manner, often including explanatory infographics. If done correctly, entities can use white papers to help state and federal policymakers understand the complexities of the supply chain, or other critical life sciences issues of national importance, that influences the movements of prescription drug pricing.

In response to the increased scrutiny of the rapidly rising costs of prescription medications, the United States Senate Committee on Finance’s Minority Staff recently released a report titled “A Tangled Web: An Examination of the Drug Supply and Payment Chains.” This in-depth report identifies stakeholders in the supply chain as well as their role in prescription drug pricing.

In the report, the Senate Committee cites the “Performance Based DIR Fees: A Rigged System With Disparate Effect on Specialty Pharmacies, Medicare Part D Beneficiaries and the U.S. Healthcare System (2017)” white paper authored by Frier Levitt, LLC, on behalf of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). The Committee cited the white paper’s description of direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees and limited distribution drugs, both issues impacting the supply chain and influencing prescription pricing. These types of governmental reports are important precursors and predictive of future legislative and regulatory policy and serve as an example of a white paper commissioned by a national coalition to advance the interests of its constituent members.

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