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Service Spotlight: Frier Levitt Government Affairs Gap Analysis

The first step to achieving effective change at a legislative and policy level is understanding where the current
weaknesses lie. To do this, any organization seeking to be a part of change must conduct a “Gap Analysis” as to the
existing laws and policy to better understands where to direct its efforts and “political capital.”

To assist with this process, Frier Levitt Government Affairs (FLGA) can perform a comprehensive Gap Analysis of a
state’s pharmacy and pharmacy benefits laws. This in-depth service will help organizations understand where it
may be missing an opportunity, while also providing you with a proactive solution.

As part of the Gap Analysis, FLGA provides a summary of where current laws stand on certain identified issues and
identifies weak areas within a state’s laws, as well as realistic opportunities for change/improvement, based off of
what has been recently enacted in other jurisdictions. When weaknesses or gaps are identified, FLGA provides a
“model bill,” containing suggested language that will be helpful in addressing each particular issue.

This “bill check” service process examines proposed or existing language, verifies the correct statute that the
language would be added to, and ensures that the language has been reviewed by healthcare attorneys with
extensive backgrounds in pharmacy and pharmacy benefits laws, making it applicable to an organization’s

FLGA’s comprehensive Gap Analysis of a state’s pharmacy and pharmacy benefits laws includes:

• Any Willing Provider Laws
• Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Laws
• Prompt Payment Laws
• Fair Pharmacy Audit Laws
• PBM Licensure Laws
• Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) Fee Laws

Contact FLGA today to have a Gap Analysis of your organization’s state pharmacy laws.