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Trying to understand how policy decisions affect your company? Our solutions are tailored to your company's priorities.

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What We Offer

Operational, Tactical and Strategic Consulting

  • Immediate Solutions


    Order a customized webinar if you need expert content or education on policy issues.
    • 45 minute expert presentation
    • Prioritizes the information that you need to know
    • Outlines major policy issues in one presentation
    • Offers insight into marketplace developments

    Webinar Plus

    When you need more content get our expert notes with your webinar. Notes for use in whitepapers, blogs, or strategy meetings.

    Insight session

    A comprehensive 2 hour session on what is going on in your industry on the policy level, and strategies to consider as you move forward.
    • Answers your specific questions.
    • Written summary of the session and proposed strategy.
    • In-depth presentation focused on your needs.
    • 48 hours to ask any follow-up questions.
    • Average turnaround time is one week.
    • We educate your organization so that you can be confident in discussing complex policy issues

  • sustainable solutions

    Government Policy Monitoring Service

    Our signature monitoring solution provides you with up to date information on how your company’s priorities are being impacted by market and government developments. Our proprietary system ranks each of your priority issues according to factors unique to you.

    • Weekly legislative and regulatory monitoring of your priorities (policy issues important to you)
    • Know exactly when an adverse priority is about to burn your company


  • Permanent solutions (Advocacy)

    Bipartisan advocacy that works. Creating policy that benefits our clients.

    This solution is proactive. Our goal is to create legislation or impact regulation that will get ahead of the problem. We have the expertise in your industry allowing us to effectively lobby on your behalf. Why not solve your policy issues for good?


    We can lobby your priorities on the state level in the following states, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. (Yes, other states are available; contact us for details)


    Experts in New England. Lobby a priority simultaneously across the region.


    Looking for federal policy changes? Let us advocate for your issues in DC.

Want to change the landscape of the healthcare industry?

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