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Service Spotlight: Strategic Information for Government Meetings

While some organizations are content with letting someone else handle interactions and communication with the state and federal policymakers, there has been a recent uptick with others either wanting to become more involved with talking to these policymakers or help keeping them “in the know.”

Educating a Congressional representative or a state regulator about your business is a delicate balance. Knowing what to say and how to say it to help them understand your organization’s business, pain points, and needs, and then take appropriate action, takes skill and knowledge. Knowing how an elected official voted or how an agency is viewing a particular issue at any given time can maximize the return on your time and effort spent engaging these important people.

Frier Levitt Government Affairs crafts strategic packets providing you and your organization with all the necessary information needed before and during these crucial meetings with state or federal policymakers. Our strategic packets will prepare you for any potential discussion, give tailored background information on who you are engaging, and will provide a sense of confidence in this busy environment. The packet will also provide tips on the appropriate follow-through to keep your policymaker focused on your core issues.

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