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Service Spotlight: Bill Check Service

When pharmacists, wholesalers, manufacturers, or physicians see a state other than their own pass a bill favorable to the life sciences or healthcare sector, they often look for ways to enact a similar law in their state. Unfortunately, copying a law from another state is not as straight forward as it seems.

When it comes to hot button issues like PBMs, for example, some states not only have legislators advocating against PBM interests, but they may also have willing regulators that will enforce the law as well. Additionally, some legislation may be written more aggressively than what a state may be used to, may not work for with laws currently on the books, or may be written in a way that invites litigation.

For life sciences and healthcare stakeholders, Frier Levitt Government Affairs (FLGA) offers a Bill Check process which examines an organization’s proposed language, verifies the correct statutes, while having it reviewed by a team of healthcare attorneys with extensive experience and hands-on industry knowledge, including many clinician attorneys.

Drafting a bill by simply borrowing language from other sources could cause issues and delay, resulting in the use of valuable political capital to fix the problem. FLGA’s Bill Check Service helps life sciences and healthcare stakeholders make the most out of their resources to get bills passed. Contact FLGA today to have your voice heard.