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The Importance of Understanding Your Client’s Priorities

At Frier Levitt Government Affairs, we value and understand our client’s priorities. For some time now, companies, trade associations and other interested stakeholders have seen an increase in legislative and regulatory activity. The days of thinking that another competitor or someone else for that matter will handle the “problem” are over as company profits have been hit leaving strategic goals unfinished. The reason for this lies in the fact that a company’s competitor may be able to live with a regulatory change that you may not be able to. Why? Simply put, your competitor may or may not have the staff or an alternative plan in place to deal with sudden changes. While it is good to know what your market competitors are doing, it is safe to say that you are not privy to everything they do.

As markets continue to change and government oversight remains active, it is essential that you ask yourself “Do I understand what my organization’s priorities are?” Our first question we always ask our prospective client is “What are your priorities?” Surprisingly many aren’t able to answer this question. This is not because they have not thought of this but we have found that when talking to a strategic consulting firm, most have one way conversations about what their services are, who they know or what they have done.

While this is great information, their past accomplishments should have no bearing on what your company is trying to achieve. The best firms should be able to get a clear understanding of what you the client are trying to achieve. If they are not able to ask the right follow up questions or seem more intent on highlighting themselves, you should know this is not the right firm for you. At Frier Levitt Government Affairs, our in-take process identifies possible solutions for you once we have identified where you would like to navigate and once we know that, we are then able to give you a plan on next steps to pursue. We thrive on helping our clients achieve their priorities and discourage anything to the contrary. Contact us today.