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Why Companies Hire Us To Help Their In-House Staff

Frier Levitt Government Affairs has had many companies approach us to inquire about the government affairs solutions we offer our clients. After explaining to them about our regulatory, policy and lobbying services as well as our signature Burn Factor, we then asked what the company’s priorities are and whether the company already has existing staff. Many times we have been told that they do have in-house government affairs/compliance and that they are looking for consulting for the following:

Neutral opinion:

There are many times that a company or trade organization has an idea; a new goal to pursue or simply needs to find a new way to deal with an existing law. Oftentimes, the organization has a solution to the issue at hand but wants to reach out to someone with a neutral perspective. This is where our strategic consulting comes in. We can work with companies on isolated or multiple issues to help them think about the best individual solution for them based on industry trends, or other information from prior experience. We never give cookie-cutter advice and focus only on your company’s specific goals and needs are. Sometimes it’s better to get outside unbiased advice in order to realize your full potential.

Need an extra pair of hands:

We have also commonly been told that our services are needed because in-house staffers can’t possibly look at everything that is happening. We don’t blame them. Everywhere you look local, state and federal government are passing new laws, regulations seem like they never end and the markets are constantly changing. It’s understandable how everything can feel overwhelming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. Hiring us to lobby for you or to provide you with a simple coherent understanding of everything happening to you and your industry will allow your in-house staffers the luxury of being able to calmly focus and make calculated decisions on how to move your company forward.

Need a special set of skills:

Sometimes companies tell me that their government affairs staffers don’t know specific states like Massachusetts or Rhode Island and that they need some lobbying assistance or some inside advice on how to approach a situation or who would be the best contact to speak with in certain states. Our lobbying services can help with this.

Other times, companies tell us that they need research assistance. For example, we helped one client track which company was introducing challenging legislation in various states. After speaking with various legislative and regulatory contacts and then verifying through company earnings reports we were finally able to identify the company that was introducing legislation that was adverse to our client’s interests. Additionally, companies approach us when they need to get into a new industry or need to learn about a specific company. Our insight is valuable as we help save time and precious resources.

In conclusion, government affairs and strategic consulting companies such as ours save companies time and money. Contracting with us allows for customization and gives you the client peace of mind knowing that you have expert advice in your corner. Contact us today to learn more.

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