We are about Value, Professionalism and Expertise. Frier Levitt Government Affairs helps you make decisions that will benefit your company and further your goals.

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Why Frier Levitt Government Affairs?

Operational, Tactical and Strategic Consulting

Our solutions add value to your business. Government Affairs should not be a burdensome process. It should be about your priorities and achieving your goals.

We distribute information for your needs, report on how it is important, and give any forecasting that is relevant to your priorities. Our research is performed with a proprietary process where experts in healthcare policy review, analyze and process the information to give the best reports possible in a quick and easy to read format. Our system also views policy issues on the state, federal and marketplace level giving a 360 degree view for our clients. Our clients save a substantial amount of time using our services.

We start all of our client conversations by asking what their priorities are and how they want to tackle them. Relationships are important to us. We use sources from the Hill, state houses, agencies and trade associations to inform our clients and achieve proactive results. Our clients trust our work. Additionally, our conflict of interest policy allows us to be partners with our clients and not just their consultants.

We know the industry’s issues and how policy can be positive or adverse to our clients interests. Our clients do not need to worry about explaining all aspects of their business or if we are “getting it.” We understand what our clients need and how they can use our information for tactical decisions. Every aspect of our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs with expertise in policy to back it up. Our clients rest easy knowing they have experts helping them through the process.

We offer Value, Professionalism and Expertise along with bipartisan solutions.

Want to change the landscape of the healthcare industry?

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