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Three Ways a Consultant Can Earn Trust

How many times have you made the decision for your department or organization that you need some outside help that you can trust to reach your goals? Whether you are looking for a consultant to help guide you through market changes, compliance or a lobbyist, the choice for you may seem daunting. Not only are these specialists hard to find, but once you find them are they going to help you achieve your priorities? While your anxiety is warranted, the correct question to ask is “Can I trust this individual”?

Here are a few ways to alleviate those concerns:

Email/Phone: Your first contact with a consultant may be through electronic communications such as email, phone or Skype. Regardless of your medium of contact your consultant should know how to balance being a professional and authentic. These are important traits to exhibit since you will be looking for guidance from this individual/firm during good times and bad.

Communication: Another important trait to look for is whether your consultant can adapt to your communication style. Your consultant should be asking if you prefer phone calls or emails, if you are better communicating during the day and if you like memos or updates whenever something significant changes. The best consultant will be able to respect your time and only alert you when something significant has happened to your interests. We usually update our clients every week and for other clients once every two weeks.

Goals: At True North we make sure that we identify your priorities upfront. Understanding your organization’s priorities will allow us to help you navigate potential minefields while also allowing us to anticipate your needs before you realize you need to change course. Understanding this will help you understand why you are making the investment your are.

While not an exhaustive list, this will help you get started in understanding the philosophy of your consultant. While work product such as trade journal articles and customer testimonials tell part of the story, the above suggestions are a good way to learn about how to ease your trust gap with your new consultant in order to help you achieve your priorities and stay ahead of your competitors. Only then will you understand why you should stay with your consultant instead of simply moving to the next flashier or cheaper option. Contact Frier Levitt Government Affairs today.